Heritage & Personal History

I was raised in a small town called Edna, TX, the youngest of seven kids.  We all still gather at my sweet mom’s home almost every holiday, and truly enjoy each other and all of Grandma’s “grands” and “great-grands”.  My mother continues to show me the endless capacity of her love and God’s love.
 I lost my daddy to cancer when I was 13 years old.  He was a drilling superintendent for a small oil and gas company called Howell Drilling, Inc.  During the period I knew him, he gave me the profound love of a father.  He also taught me how to drive 80 mph down narrow country roads, and most importantly, he showed me a work ethic that still drives me today.
I attended the University of Texas and graduated with BS and MA degrees in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology.  During the time of my master’s program, I learned more about a strong work ethic, more about communication, and more about being a Christian from my advisor Dr. Jack Wilmore.  He was very much like a father to me during that time.  Taught me the value of interpreting lots of data, "look at the data" he would commonly say.  My first boy Jack Richard Burrhus is named after his Granddaddy (Paul Richard Burrhus) and Dr. Wilmore.
My wife Melanie came into my life during the UT years, and in 1992 we moved to Sugar Land, TX, where I became manager of a sports medicine and training clinic.  So, where in the world does real estate fit into this life?  Well, my second boy is Joseph Francis Burrhus, and he is named in honor of a man by the name of Frank DeCicco.  Frank used to come into our sports center and I would help him with his rehab exercise for his heart condition.  He sort of quit coming around for a time, then one day came by and asked if I could help him with his exercise routine at his home.  I said yes, and quickly became good friends with him and his lovely wife Jean.
Frank happened to be the owner of the statewide franchise of RE/MAX, but he knew my passion for my field of work, and so we really focused on his health improvements for the first 4 years of our relationship.  Well along comes our first child Jack, and boy did that change our life!  Melanie and I both wanted Melanie to be able to stay at home to raise Jack, so a better job was the plan for Keith.  In the fall of 1996 I indicated to Frank that I would not be able to continue meeting with him because a new job would not likely have the schedule flexibility I currently had.  Frank said I needed to become a real estate agent, and since I loved and trusted him like a father, I listened to him.  It turned out to be the BEST career move I had ever made, and I have not looked back with any regret.  Frank showed me the results of an unbelievably focused work ethic and long-term vision.
In the summer of 2000 I purchased my own RE/MAX franchise, and am currently broker/owner of RE/MAX Memorial Town & Country.  My greatest accomplishments have been marrying my wife Melanie, and having Jack and Joseph, who I have mentioned already, and Leah Ashley, my one and only daughter who of course is the apple of my eye.  In May of 2010 we added to our group with the birth of William.  He has truly been a huge blessing to our whole family!
In 2009 I along with a good friend started CMADashboard.com, a residential real estate market analysis web application for real estate professionals.  It represents the culmination of years of development and experimentation in my personal real estate business, and is the most sophisticated way available to price real estate and understand local markets.  I am proud to present it to all real estate professionals, and I am proud to have it available as a competitive advantage for all of my associates.
In June of 2015, after 15 years' ownership in the remax system, I elected to not renew my franchise in favor of being an independent brokerage, Village Property Advisors.

What a time for Houston, a time for all real estate agents in this rapidly changing business.   It is the greatest business I know of.  Often I still get to wear boots and jeans to work.

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